Color basics in HTML

Adding color to your website using HTML is actually really simple. Our short and easy to follow tutorials will help you get started using inline styles to color text, links and backgrounds in HTML.

Part I

HTML Text Color

Part II

HTML Link Color

Part III

HTML Background Color

Getting started with CSS

CSS, or cascading stylesheets, are a fast and powerful way to add styles to your website. Check out our quick and easy examples below that cover the spectrum (pun intended) of using color codes with CSS.

Part I

CSS Color Basics

Part II

CSS Text Color

Part III

CSS Link Color

Part IV

CSS Background Color

Part V

CSS Placeholder Color

Advanced SCSS techniques

SCSS, or Sass, extends the power of CSS by introducing variables and more useful logic for writing stylesheets. Our guides below explain how to effectively use color in SCSS, and some other cool tips and tricks.

Part I

SCSS Color Variables