Best Color Palette Generators

Selecting a color scheme is a critical part of any website or project, and to help you discover that perfect color combination we've compiled a list of the best color palette generators and web tools out there today.


Coolors is a palette generator built by designers, for designers
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Hyped as the "new super-fast color palettes generator", Coolors delivers on all fronts; and we think you'll agree. It tops our list with a slick, intuitive interface, a growing library of sexy palettes and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Nicely done, Coolors.

Adobe Color CC

Easily generate palettes and harmonies from a single color
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Formerly Adobe Kuler, this site has everything you'll need to generate a stunning palette or harmony from any base color. If you've got an account with Adobe, all the better, log in and save your generated palettes for later, or share them with other users.

Colour Lovers

Pattern and palette generator site with a strong social component
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A cornerstone of the online color community, Colour Lovers boasts over a million color palettes and a color(ful) userbase to match. With palattes, patterns, shapes and more, if you've got an hour or three, hop on over and start loving some colors.

Color Hunt

Product Hunt for colors, updated daily
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A relative newcomer on the color scene, Color Hunt is a Product Hunt style website for, well, colors. Easily peruse a seemingly unending list of palettes, view, and favorite standout schemes for later.

Color by Hailpixel

Minimal interface makes generating palettes fast and fun.
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A unique, cursor based interface offers a new and entertaining method of generating palettes on this site. Mouse around to change hue and lightness, scroll to adjust saturation; but seriously just go and try it for yourself.

Colour Code

Move your cursor to generate palettes and harmonies
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Building on the same cursor based interface of the previous site, Colour Code lets you generate harmonies in addition to creating palettes, with export formats in SCSS, LESS and PNG.


Generate color palettes from photos on your iPhone
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Sip is an awesome little app for Mac and iPhone, letting you generate color schemes from photos, name, organize and share your palettes across multiple devices. Get the pro version and there is no end to the export options.

Color Scheme Designer by Paletton

Full featured palette and harmony generator
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Spend some time on Paletton and you'll discover its got quite an extensive set options for generating color palettes and harmonies. But if you're lazy like us just hit the randomize button at the top to kick start your color scheme.

Cohesive Colors

Help unify your palette's colors with an overlay
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Cohesive Colors is a great tool for helping to give your color palettes a uniform feel. If you're having trouble with an outlier in your palette, or just can't get that last couple of colors right, try this one out.


Nice color feature set in a minimal setting
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If you're looking for a straightforward site that does it all, check out Colr, which can generate color palettes from a random image using Flickr (or upload your own), search over 17K color schemes and match words based on their color relativity.


Generate palettes with a word using photographs from 500px
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Prefer to search for palettes by season, theme or place? Check out Palettr and tap into the colorful world of community photo site 500px for some awesome color scheme generation.

Mudcube Color Sphere

Simple, easy to use controls with multiple color export formats
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Mudcube's Color Sphere is not only a superb palette generator with large sliders for a more granular control over your scheme; it also lets you download them in .AI and .ACO files! Sweet!

Color Combos

Select colors, move columns and export palettes with ease
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Simple and purpose built for generating a palette from scratch, Color Combo's tester balances color palette configurability with utility. And lucky for the lazy there is a random combo generator.


Find and create palettes, patterns and gradients
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Great for discovering new color palettes and patterns, Colrd also features a gradient builder and search tool, something we haven't found elsewhere.

Color Hunter

Generate and discover color palettes from images
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Love the colors in a particular image? With Color Hunter, you can generate a palette by uploading an image. Too lazy? Discover previously generated palettes by searching their archives.

Pictaculous by Mailchimp

Get suggested palettes from Colour Lovers and Adobe Color CC
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Upload an image to Pictaculous and in return get a palette, plus suggested schemes using similar colors from Colour Lovers and Adobe Color CC.